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Here at the Woof Pack, it's all about the dogs.  We are proud to offer a very happy and wholesome environment for our pack.  Whether it's playing together in the dog park, wading in the dog pool, fall training with the quad or sledding in the winter time, we love to play!

Like humans, every one of our sled dogs are very different in behavior, and they have a very deliberate way of showing us their individualities.  The dogs have a hierarchy and are respected within their respective places.

Our dogs range in age to 12 years old.  From the puppy stage, we work on socializing our animals and preparing them for their adult years.

Our dogs come from working dog blood lines.  They working dogs primarily live outdoors and have very comfortable outdoor dog houses which are bedded with straw for extra comfort.  Although they have been bred to be working dogs and live outdoors, do not let this confuse you, they are also accustomed to being inside on occasion!  We also have a retired sled dogs that have now become indoor pets.

There is nothing like taking the dogs out for a good run whether it be by means of ski, quad or sled.  Our dogs work with their closest companions and truly love to run!  A happy Husky involves proper exercise and a well-balanced diet.  We provide only the best for our pack and in return, they reward us with their unbeatable work ethic, and above all, their love .

Aiko in corn fog

The Mushers

Carly Keating

I began my journey with animals long ago.  Growing up in the country, I was always found with dogs, cats and bunnies.  I would even take the riding lawn mower to my neighbors house to go horseback riding! What can I say, I was always fortunate enough to spend countless hours with my furry friends. 


Once I finished my Bachelors Degree in French Studies at the University of Winnipeg, I decided to move to Quebec where I spent almost a decade enjoying the Canadian Francophone language and culture. During this time, I had the privilege of meeting experienced breeders of sled dogs who guided me along the way with tips of the trade such as feeding, training and equipment.  I purchased my first Siberian Husky in 2010 and have been climbing in numbers ever since.  I have also worked with other Nordic breeds such as Canadian Eskimos, Greenland Eskimos, Alaskan Malamutes and Alaskan Malamute Wolf crosses.  As a Musher(sled dog driver), I have had the privilege of guiding Introductory Tours, Half-Day Tours, Full-Day Tours and Week-Long Expeditions guiding clients through the mountains, lakes and river systems. 


I now raise Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes to benefit from both Nordic breeds.  In doing so, I am showcasing the perfect combination of speed, longevity, endurance, strength and obedience of The Woof Pack.


Despite the fact that my time spent with my working dogs in Eastern Canada was beneficial on a personal and professional level, it was time to come home to Manitoba.  I traveled home with my partner and our 8 sled dogs by way of school bus, and have raised the number of sled dogs to 16.  Our community has welcomed us with open arms and we are so very grateful for their support.  

Jesse Bateman

I have loved dogs my whole life and combined with my love of the outdoors, everyday with the pack is the best day. Separate from my 'digital' life at work, my time with the pack makes everyday awesome. When I'm not with the pack, I may be chilling somewhere, flipping through the air on my kite or just trying to get lost in the woods. 


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